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how does your garden grow?

planted a big ol' pile of seeds today:
- a small pixie mango and a large florida avocado
- charlotte street yellow trumpet bush / flat leaf parsley, garden huckleberry / ground cherry, chichiquilite huckleberry / strawberry-husk ground cherry, loquat, naranjilla / thai guava, satsuma, burgess climbing triple crop cherry tomato / tomato litchi, yellow pear tomato / chelle's sage, honey tangerine, red pear tomato / green grape tomato, orange pepper / hybrid early salad cherry tomato, curled parsley / patio hybrid tomato, tam jalapeno / thai pink egg tomato, paprika pepper / pineapple tomato, rondo bianco eggplant / black cherry tomato
- seckel pear / opalka tomato, sugar-baby watermelon / artichoke, red currants / red grapes, loquat, roma tomato / carnival peppers, lots of sunflowers, farmer's market mini red peppers / roman hot peppers, chelle's orchid tree, tequila sunrise frying pepper / big fat date, another big fat date / caliman brazillian papaya, pink guava / emmy's geiger fruit, emmy's globe lemon / whatever pepper was already growing there, olive / reineer cherry, pink coral vine, tea
- nana's 14-year-old italian beans, king of the garden limas, painted lady runner beans, rice pea, jade bush bean, thai winged bean, contender buff valentine bean, masai bean, tri-color bush bean, old homestead kentucky wonder bean, soy beans, lentils, black eyed peas

i also potted up an eggplant, a tomato and a pepper from a previous planting that i lost the diagram for, so they'll be surprise veggies.

the only thing that stopped me was the lack of things to plant in. it's probably too late to get any tomatos off all these plants i just planted, but the ones that are already big will maybe get a few before it gets too hot, and if i can keep them all alive through the worst of summer, i can look forward to millions of tomatoes in the fall when the evenings cool down again. we'll make up salsa and pasta sauce and jar them all up for the winter. i always wanted to make color-specific pasta sauces: all yellow toms, all green toms, all white toms, all purple, all black, all orange, with different herbs and spices for each one...

i'm excited, guys. i want to grow as much food as i can, and i want to eat it all. i want to pick up rose plants from the farmer's market and make rose water, rosepetal jam and rosehip jam from them. i want to get lots of big pots and plant an orchard. i want to build garden boxes and square-foot garden along the fence. it'll be great.

and lately, i've been mulling around the idea of seeing if there's a way we can start an allotment system in st augustine-- see if we can gather enough interrest to talk the city into leasing empty city lots for community gardens.


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May. 25th, 2008 12:49 am (UTC)
Nana's 14 year old beans??!

You still have those o_O

You realise that they were 14 years old well um 3 YEARS AGO

*laughs so hard!!*
May. 25th, 2008 02:07 am (UTC)
i know, but that's the name they've got on my seedlist, so if they grow and i can make a variety of them, they'll always be called 'nana's 14 year old beans'!

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