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lys, the lady around the corner, gave me nine little baby loquat sports! her two adult trees dropped fruit everywhere and she already replanted the biggest of the sports, but she was cleaning out the garden and she gave me a handful of the babies and i am just thrilled. she also said that they make more fruit then her family can eat, so next year when they're producing, if i stop by, she'll give me bags full of the fruit so i can make jam!

and while i was scrounging old dirt from the unresponsive pots planting them, I discovered that the mango i had all but given up for lost (especially since bugs ate holes through the two avocado seeds out there with it) has sprouted!

in other garden news:
the cashew is putting out it's sixth leaf and the jujube is onto it's second round, as is the wood apple.
the eggplant has dropped all the flowers it's made
the tomatoes need feeding
the mint that had almost entirely died is putting out new leaves and branches
no more rosebuds, but tons of new rose growth
the armenian cuke is all over the place, laden with flowers, but i can't tell if they're male, female, or self-pollinating, and there are little bulby growths, but i can't tell if they're new buds or new veggies.
the scarlet runner beans are all dead, most of the rest didn't come up, and the one that's still growing is putting out tons of little white flowers and has three pods on already.
no buds on the toms or peps
the random berries interplanted with the toms and peps are coming up and leafing out nicely.

all in all, pretty good.