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I woke up today, way late again, with the Crazy Hair.

I tried to order a new phone, but the order got cancelled, so now I have to try again. Bummer. If it fails this time, I'll have to go into a store to get it, and it will cost more.*

It's suspiciously warm and pleasant here lately. It makes me nervous, because I'm sure there will be a last minute hard freeze that will kill all the little baby leaves poking out everywhere.

I'm overwhelmed at writing again, but that seems to be just how Mondays are.

I have three books to read this week, one that's 700 pages and one that hasn't come in yet. Joy. Well, actually, it is a joy, because I love reading... I just wish I had more time. Or that my schedule at work was set so that I knew exactly when my time was.

Still waiting on my financial aid refund.

I just realized. after checking the mail three times, that today is a bank-and-therefore-mail holiday. ::facepalm::

There is some scary shit in the Republican mess against women. Take this list with the bias it's written in, but still. Scary.

I've restarted composting, and it's almost all tea leaves and old, poorly-made bread (the yeast is on it's way out and the bread is leaden to say the least).

I just got handed more work. So now I need to actually buckle down and stop getting distracted. 

*Update: It did not work.


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